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Tension Rod Bike Stand

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Tension Rod Bike Stand

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Tension Rod Bike Stand
Model # USGD-BK5515
This easy to install bike stand is just as easy to dismantle without hardware required. It will not leave any marks on the ceiling or the floor. Uses environmental friendly material. It is an elegant solution for saving floor space by keeping bikes off the ground.




Tension Rod Bike Stand
  Model # USGD-BK5515
• "No Holes" Tension Mounting System to Hold 4 Bikes
• Aluminum Tension Rods Designed for Easily Mounted on Aluminum Poles, 200 lbs. Capacity
• The Top and Bottom Extenders Adjust Independently to Accommodate ceiling Heights from 1.7m to 4.2m
• Holds up to 4 Bikes with Optional Add-A-Bike Kits Model # USGD-BH5515
• The Padded Feet Grip any Surface and the Top Plate Has Foam to Protect the Ceiling
• Privoting Hangers and Hooks Keep Bicycle's Balanced with Center of Gravity and Adjustable Angle Hangers
• Adjustable for All Bike Sizes and Frame Styles and Keeps ven the Heaviest Bike Frame Stored Securely
• Features a Durable Black Finish
• Comes with a 1-year Limited Warranty 

Product Size: 4.5'' x 7'' x 60''
Weight: 11.8 lbs

Installation Guide
To use the bike hanger, simply locate ceiling joists or studs for solid placement, then telescope open to the approximate size required. Unscrew padded feet equally on each end until bar will stay in place, and tighten by turning entire bar firmly by hand at the foam grip. Be sure not to over-tighten or use tools; Over-tightening may cause damage to floor and/or ceiling. Do not exceed the maximum safe working load of 132 lbs. Includes a rubber insert which must be used with the top hanger arm.
No tools required for assembly.


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